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  Did you know that Polynesians as a whole make up 0.01% of the world's population? This means that cultures in the Pacific are becoming more and more endangered each year. For this reason,

Tatou Uma Pasefika Dance has made it its mission to reach the masses by sharing the cultures of all Pacific Islands with ALL people in hopes of preserving each culture in excellence.  

Tatou Uma's mission consists of five core elements which are to share the love of the Pasefika cultures; to promote health and wellness; to educate students in the history and languages of the Pacific Island cultures; to serve its community, its people, and beyond; and to provide a source of authentic, culturally correct, recreation.

Our foundation derives from the cultures of Samoa, Hawaii, Tonga, and Tahiti. Our company pulls from the deep foundational roots of the fa'a Samoa where fa'aaloalo is the main root of all that we do. These are the cultures that we currently represent and we are continuing to add more.

TATOU UMA POLYNESIAN DANCE was started in July of 2016; however, in 2022, it was time to expand the border to all Pacific Island cultures due to the ever-changing diaspora of the Central Valley. This is where the name TATOU UMA PASEFIKA DANCE came to fruition.

As we continue our mission, we hope you join us in the growth of this endeavor.

"Preservation, progression, and expansion of knowledge are the keys to a brighter future."


My beautiful family. The reason I starte
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